21st century is here, we haven’t stopped policing women yet? Calling her names, giving her tags. Wearing a short dress. She is a slut! Had too many boyfriends. Oh she’s a whore! Opinionated.  She is bossy. Ambitious.  Is she crazy? Objectifying women is the old normal. Giving her moral lessons seems to be the only […]



Guess what is the new F-word? It’s ‘Feminism’. For some reason feminism has gained such a negative name but for me it is simple.  By definition feminism is a theory that believes in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Patriarchy and misogyny are deep rooted in our society, countless number of women and […]

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Her day begins at 6 am sharp, She takes over the day like a boss! She has got chores to do, Things to be done from scratch. She manages her job and home gracefully, She is the one that makes a house, ‘home’. She prioritizes everyone before her, Puts her happiness at last. She doesn’t […]


Skin Care Tips To Swear By!

So I was in super fun mood, and I randomly decided to write a blog on a lighter topic. While growing up, I was always conscious of my skin. With time I found out what works best for me and what doesn’t. Pollution and stress often take toll on our skin. We should pamper our […]

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  Future beholds opportunities in abundance, How many will I grab is the question. Moments of self- doubt creep in stealthily, Covering all my mind space in abundance, Will I go to that college, will I get that job, what is it that I really want to do, Are questions that constantly occupy my mind. […]

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  Life is a journey is what they say, Then why is it that things become difficult, and goals at bay. How to remain positive is all I ask, millennials say hope is what will make you last. Things can get tough, paths can get rough, and doubt is what creeps in then, But hope […]

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